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I'm from Milford Michigan [message #413] Fri, 30 November 2012 11:36
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Registered: September 2004
Location: Arizona, USA

Hi All, I'm originally from Milford where I grew up most of my young life until I was 20 years old. My family moved to Milford when I was in grade school and I attended Johnson Elementary for the first time at grade three.

Messages left here will show up in google searches and since I have heard it can be hard to find some old friends. I added this area for those who are looking and want to be found.

You can add links to your G+ or Facebook pages here so others can find you or more about you, and you can also leave messages here and you will be emailed if you sign up with a valid email address and only if someone replies to something you added or replied to. No Spam, I promise.

Here is my G+ link: Ken Baldwin on G+

This is my own personal website and it has been up and running for many years and will remain that way in one form or another.

Reply to this or add a new topic for yourself if you like.

Ken Baldwin
Formerly of Milford Michigan

this is a free forum provided by Ken Baldwin

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