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Lifelong friend "Bomber." " Golden years and now I have to watch the house AND BRISTOL!"  
From: Bomber's Owner  Tue May 5 21:20:23 2009
At 15 1/2 yrs, Bomber was reluctantly put to rest by us on 5/5/09. She will be dearly missed while she lives on the net and in our hearts and memories forever.


Sandhill Crane in Michigan  
From: Gloria  Sat Apr 22 15:25:33 2006
Great picture.


Fascination With Food - take two  
From: Gloria  Sat Aug 26 07:30:56 2006
Looks like a Birthday dinner to me.


Fascination With Food - take two  
From: Gloria  Mon Oct 23 10:19:14 2006
Nice vegies, what was the meat course?


From: Gloria Boop  Sun Feb 25 14:00:45 2007
This is truly not like home. What a wonderful spot.


Fascination With Food - Frito-Lay  
From: Gloria  Mon Oct 8 09:32:59 2007
My favorite snack


Unimog x2  
From: gloria  Mon Nov 19 07:06:26 2007


Canyon Lake  
From: Gloria  Sat Dec 29 07:37:27 2007
That is truly a great shot.


Fascination with food redo  
From: gloria  Sun Sep 19 10:52:13 2010
I like the place mat and silverware.
The bacon and eggs look good.


panoramic of Roswell, New Mexico - Do you see a UFO?  
From: Shelly  Sun Sep 26 13:39:05 2010
Maybe, but the question is - did you?


Yup, traveling by hog.  Make that plus another 5k miles  
From: gloria  Tue Sep 28 09:56:03 2010
That is still the best looking bike ever.


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